Letter from The Board

I hope all of you are enjoying Labor Day weekend!

As we move into the Fall and begin to get ready for school basketball seasons, the calendar starts to move pretty quickly for all of us.  It will be the holidays before you know it and then school basketball season will be over and club season will get underway.

7+ years ago a group of us took over the affairs of the VVEBC from Andi and Andrew Schmid who had started it several years earlier but were relocating to the Dakotas.  For JC Moritz and I, we had the pleasure of seeing our sons grow up as players in the club and we were determined to help other kids, boys and girls, improve and become integral parts of their high school teams as our boys had done.

Joel Barndt came along at just the right time with the experience he had as a college player.  He was inspirational to many of the boys he coached and a mentor to the rest of us as coaches.  And Kyle Hoiland has been a great addition to our leadership team over the past couple of years bringing his fundraising skills and his overall experience in youth sports in our valley.

The time has come for a change in leadership though.  For JC and I, our kids are in (and beginning to graduate from) college and our lives have shifted, leaving us with less time to dedicate to the club.  Kyle is time challenged by work these days (he's young enough to still be motivated that way!), and Joel and his wife are about to welcome their second child in just a couple of weeks, meaning his time will be focused more, and rightly, on his young family.

We would like to hand the reigns off to a new generation of parents with kids playing basketball who have the time, energy, and passion that drove us over the past several years to try and provide an opportunity for players to get better, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of high school basketball played at Battle Mountain, Eagle Valley, Vail Christian, and Vail Mountain School.

Please let us know if you are interested in picking up a role for the club and we can facilitate a transfer of knowledge and information to you!

I think I can safely speak for JC, Joel, and Kyle in saying it has been my/our distinct privilege to work with so many great kids and parents over the past several years and there is no doubt you will find us in the gyms of our local high schools cheering them on for quite some time.